About US

Rudford and Highleadon are two small communities of some 300 people that run along either side of the B4215 between Gloucester and Newent.  As well as properties  adjacent to the road, there are a number of homes and farms on roads  to either side: to the West, towards Tibberton and Taynton and to the East, to the River Leadon.

In 1947, the Social Club purchased a small plot of land on which it  rebuilt a former World War II building to serve as a community hall. This was upgraded several times over the next fifty years.

In May 2008, the Hall was subject to an arson attack. The damage was so  extensive that the building had to be demolished. Following a period of consultation and fund-raising, rebuilding started in 2010 and the Management Committee received the Forest of Dean District Council’s “Village Enterprise Award” in recognition of their work.

The new Hall opened on 1st May 2011.

Our vision is to create a sustainable building that will enable the growth of a stronger community whose members regularly meet, share their knowledge and talents and undertake projects to benefit the wider community.